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All the product's of BITEX company wich have the logo of Mix-System can get tinted with
BITEX tinting system wich maximal exactness in many shades. 

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Technical data

Paint for exterior wall's , Matt .

  • Resistant to climate changes
  • Elastic
  • Penetrable for water vapour
Article No. Shade KG Consumption
4003008 White 8 Kg 3,5 m²/kg
4003020 White 10 Kg

3,5 m²/kg

Use: Bitex Fassadenfarbe is a dispersion paint, highest quality for exterior use It is resistant on weather changes, water-repellent, steam-permeable and it has light odour. It offers good protection against harmful air against harmful air agents (CO2, SO2, etc.) it has fungicidal and algecide attributes, resistant on UV rays.

Undergrounds: Must be dry, firmly, clean and sustainable. At first clean or brush off the surface area from glue-bound distemper and crayon undergrounds. Exhaust ventilation surface must be prepared witth Bitex Tiefgrund.

Handling: Bitex Fassadenfarbe thin down with max. 10% water. Befor working to mix up well. Bitex Fassadenfarbe cen bi primered or rolled. Do not use under +5°C. After using the implement, clean it very quick with water.

Storage: Cool, but frost free.

Llojet e ngjyrave

BITEX  L.L.C produces dispersion paints, plaster and primer, with modern technology and laboratory for analyses. Production is made and controlled under leading (management) of German expert. it is German – Kosovar joint venture.

Vragoli 12000 Fushë Kosovë
Tel: +381 38 60 77 70

Fax:+381 38 60 77 80 

Bitex GmbH Deutschland
Bitex GmbH Odenwaldstrasse 7
63762 Großostheim
phone:+49 6026-99 19 996
fax: + 49 6026 - 99 19 9956

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