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BITEX GmbH with headquarter in Obernburg/Main Germany is the main branch of BITEX Company, who deals with manufacturing of dispersive paints, dispersive and mineral plasters and insulation systems with their factories in Russia, China and Kosovo.

In 2008 BITEX Company in the mentioned countries counts 150 employess, leadership of Company with 40 years of experience in the market of paints and plasters has a deep professional knowledge as on technical aspect also in marketing. Each branch of Company with professional services and management it's a safe partner of trade enterprices and Construction Companies. One team of german technologist's with more than 40 years of experience, with the biggest devotion research's and developes products and adopts them with climate specification of different countries.

With this customer's have a guaranted application and individual solution of product's and quality . 


The purpose of our company is that always to be, trusted partner for our customer's, with a wide range of choises , with a good attention and practical instruction's about the use of our products for our co-operator's.

During developing BITEX product's has been paid great importance of preserving the environment.

Our store

BITEX owns the retail store. You can make different combinations and mixes , and find examples of how our products look in practice


A qualified and motivated staff , usage of high quality raw materials, strict internal and external control of products and production process, we guarantee to our customer's high quality product's , with easy application with reasonable prices. During application of our paints and plasters we guarantee to our customer's that they are not going to have any negative impact in the residencial enviroment space's.

Mix system

Pigmentimi i ngjyrave me sistem komjuterik është krijuar ekskluzivishtë për produktet dhe bazat tona.

Kjo na mundëson realizimin e saktë të nuancave sipas katalogjeve dhe gjithashtu t'ju garantojmë konsumatorëve tanë qëndueshmëri afatgjate te produkteve tona. 

See more about mix system

Modern paint's and plaster's require one optimal
surface preparation with adequate primers .

With BITEX Company primers , prepared for your special
need's can be treated the surfaces wich are going to get
painted with high quality and safe product's 

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BITEX  L.L.C produces dispersion paints, plaster and primer, with modern technology and laboratory for analyses. Production is made and controlled under leading (management) of German expert. it is German – Kosovar joint venture.

Vragoli 12000 Fushë Kosovë
Tel: +381 38 60 77 70

Fax:+381 38 60 77 80 

Bitex GmbH Deutschland
Bitex GmbH Odenwaldstrasse 7
63762 Großostheim
phone:+49 6026-99 19 996
fax: + 49 6026 - 99 19 9956

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