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All the product's of BITEX company wich have the logo of Mix-System can get tinted with
BITEX tinting system wich maximal exactness in many shades. 

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Technical data

Structural plaster ( fullabrib ) , ready to use , organically
connected , for exterior wall's . Hardly burned .B1 – DIN 4102 

  • Resistant to climate changes
  • Hydrofob
  • permeable to water vapor
  • Soluble in water
  • With slight odor
  • Easy to apply
  • Mechanically resistant
Article No. Particle size(mm) KG Consumption
2001015 1,5 25 Kg 2,5-2,8 kg/m²
2001020 2,0 25 Kg 2,7-3,1 kg/m²
2001025 2,5 25 Kg 3,1-3,6 kg/m²
2001030 3,0 25 Kg

3,5-3,9 kg/m²

Usage: BITEX Reibeputz 15 Innen/Aussen is a weather resistant ,
water vapor permeable structural plaster. It is suited very well
for decorative indoor coating, it is hardly inflammable B1-DIN
4102 and to process especially easily.

Tinting: With the BITEX tintingsystem or factory made.
Coating construction : All usual , clean , steady , dry and load
bearing surfaces are suited.

The surface is to be checked and to harden with BITEX
Grundierfarbe if necessary.

Handling: BITEX Reibeputz 15 Innen well stip up , gather in
grain strength with rustproof high-grade steel smoother and
with plastic smoother around, vertically and horizontally rule off.
Do not process under +5°C (air & surface temperature)

Storage: Cool but frost free.

Llojet e llaqeve

BITEX  L.L.C produces dispersion paints, plaster and primer, with modern technology and laboratory for analyses. Production is made and controlled under leading (management) of German expert. it is German – Kosovar joint venture.

Vragoli 12000 Fushë Kosovë
Tel: +381 38 60 77 70

Fax:+381 38 60 77 80 

Bitex GmbH Deutschland
Bitex GmbH Odenwaldstrasse 7
63762 Großostheim
phone:+49 6026-99 19 996
fax: + 49 6026 - 99 19 9956

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