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Technical Data

Universal primer, white, very rude. Ideal for stucco – work with dispersive plaster's, siloksan plaster and mineral plaster

  • For interior and exterior wall's
  • Filled with quartz
  • Diluted with water
  • Good hiding power
  • High adhesive force
Artcle No KG Shpenzimi
5002004 4 Kg 3.3-5 m²/kg
5002008 8 Kg 3.3-5 m²/kg
5002015 15 KG

3.3-5 m²/kg

Usage: BITEX - based GRUNDIERFARBE is special mineral bearing surface , smooth surfaces of concrete, gypsum and surface obsolete .

Surface: should be strong, dry and clean. Surfaces painted with color washing and limestone must first be washed and cleaned with a brush . Absorbent surfaces should be treated with the base prior to blotting surface .

Treatment: BITEX - GRUNDIERFARBE can t'hollohet to 10 % water . Shake well before use . BITEX - GRUNDIERFARBE can be applied by roller and brush. Should not be used at temperatures lower than + 5 ° C .

Working tools should be cleaned with water immediately after use. Storage: in a cool but frost-free . Do not be exposed to sunlight.

Llojet e bazave

BITEX  L.L.C produces dispersion paints, plaster and primer, with modern technology and laboratory for analyses. Production is made and controlled under leading (management) of German expert. it is German – Kosovar joint venture.

Vragoli 12000 Fushë Kosovë
Tel: +381 38 60 77 70

Fax:+381 38 60 77 80 

Bitex GmbH Deutschland
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